Castle Series LED C1K-C3K

Power Range:1000VA-3000VA



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    • Features
    • Specifications
    Server, Data center, Critical network devices, Sensitive electronic equipment, Telecom.
    • Power Factor: 0.8 PF
    • Sine-wave output: True sine-wave output with less than 3% THD.
    • Double Conversion Design: Zero transfer/ complete isolation of input AC.
    • UPS Monitoring Software: Powerful true RS232 communication via the enclosed software to manage and safely shutdown operating systems.
    • Network RJ45/11 protection: Complete powerful network and phone line surge protection.
    • AC Surge Suppressor: Powerful multi-stage surge components that exceed IEEE requirements.
    • SNMP Slot Option: Allows for remote monitoring and control via www.
    • Sleep Mode: Worry free battery management. The unit turns itself off after ten seconds to conserve battery power when no power needs are detected.
    • Battery level indicators: LED’s indicate battery levels.
    • Load Sensing: The incorporated LED load indicators allow IT professionals to manage backup time and balance power loads.
    • Low Battery indicators: The low battery level indicator will warn of eminent UPS shutdown two full minutes before unit shuts down.
    • Replace Battery indicators: A preventative measure that indicates when batteries must be replaced to prevent server crashes.
    High Frequency Online UPS Castle Series UPS 
    C1KVA/C1KS,C2KVA/C2KS,C3KVA/C3KS  1000VA~3000VA Specifications

    Output  C1KVA/C1KS C2KVA/C2KS C3KVA/C3KS
    Rated Power 1000VA/700W 2000VA/1400W 3000VA/2100W
    Output Voltage  208VAC/220VAC/230VAC/240VAC
    Voltage Waveform  Pure Sine wave
    Crest Factor  3:01
    Output Frequency
    (Synchronized- Mains) 
    46~54Hz or 56Hz - 64Hz (Line mode)50/60HZ/ ±0.05Hz( Battery mode) 
    Regulation(Nominal) ±1%
    Regulation (Battery mode)  ±1%
    Transfer time  0 ms; less than 4 ms from inverter to bypass and vice versa 
    Over current protection  Line Mode:10min@100%~130%;Battery Mode:30s@100%~130%
    Outlet  IEC*4/IEC*6/IEC*4+Terminal
    Harmonic Distortion ≤2%THD(Linear Load); ≤5%THD(Non-Linear Load)
    Nominal Voltage 160~300VAC@full load (110~300VAC@half load)
    Input Frequency  46~54Hz / 56~60Hz
    Efficiency  87% (AC mode)/83%(Battery Type)
    Noise Filtering  Full time EMI/RFI filtering
    Over current protection  by AC fuse or by re-settable over current   protector 
    AVR Range(2 Bucks,2 Boosts)  Enhanced Buck: +15% of selected nominal voltage
    Buck mode: +5% of selected nominal voltage
    Boost mode: -5% of selected nominal voltage
    Enhanced Boost: -12.5% of selected nominal voltage
    Phase  Single phase with ground
    Battery type  Sealed lead acid Battery
    Rated Charging Voltage  41.0Vdc / 81.9Vdc / 109.2Vdc
    Typical backup time  >5min
    Charging method  Smart pulse charging with two charging modes.
    Quick charging when battery is not fully charged,
    trickle charging when battery is 90% fully charged.
    Charging current(MAX)  1.0A(C1KS-C3KS:4.0/8.0A)
    Protection  Over current protection & Over charging voltage protection (SCR control)Thermal protection 
    (CPU control)When temperature inside UPS is over 45℃,charger will stop charging for 2.5 
    minutes followed by an 1.5 minutes charging.The cycle will be repeated until the temperature is lower than 44℃.
    TemperatureCompension Yes
    Numbers of Batteries 3 8 8
    Optional Features 
    ECO Mode Support
    CVCF Support
    PDU Support
    Remote Panel  Wired Type,Up to 100M Length
    Parallel Redundancy  Up to 4 Units maxium(Option) 
    Environmental and Safety
    Operating Temperature 0℃ to 40℃ (32℉ to 104℉)
    -15℃ to 55℃ (5℉ to 131℉)
    Relative Humidity  20-90%(NON-CONDENSING)
    Operating Altitude  0 ~ 3000 meters
    Audible noise ≦50 dBA