Rack Mount Series LCD 1KVA-6KVA

Power Range:1KVA-6KVA


Description:Castle RT features the option of 19 inch rack mounting or tower applications. These compact units are available in 1000 VA to 6000 VA in 2 U''s. The incorporated double conversion with true Isolation technology offers the most complete power protection and highest quality power for all IT applications. The double conversion of the ISO series completely isolates incoming AC power problems converting the power to DC voltage that charges the batteries and provides power to the main transformer. The main transformer delivers constant pure sine wave output AC for all of your most critical applications. The Casles RT series provides many appealing and powerful features including true RS 232 management software, SNMP Slots for remote monitoring and control, extended backup time capacity, load sensing, overload protection, dynamic by-pass, temperature monitoring software for preventative diagnostics.

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    • Features
    • Specifications
    Servers, Data centers, Critical network devices, Sensitive electronic equipment, Telecom.
    • Online-Double conversion
    • Non Transfer Time of output
    • PFC technology
    • Full digital control (DSP)
    • Output power factor: 0.8
    • Input current harmonic: 5%
    • ECO function
    • Charging/Rectifier/Inverter fully digital control technology
    • Optimization battery group, the quantity of battery: 16/18/20 pieces (optional)
    • Wide input voltage range: 304~478VAC
    • Wide input frequency range: 40~70Hz±0.5Hz
    • Self-testing when UPS startup
    • Input over/under-voltage protection
    • Automatic bypass
    • DC start
    • Fault isolation
    • Comunication port: RS232 , dry contact,RS485*2
    • Options: SNMP card/Centralized monitoring card/ Parallel port module
    High Frequency Online UPS Rack Mount Series UPS
    RT1000/2000/3000/6000VA Specifications

    Product Series Rack Mount 1KV~6kVA
    RatedPower VA/W 1KVA/700W 2kVA/1400W 3kVA/2100W 6kVA/4200W
    Nominal Voltage 220V / 230V / 240V/AC
    Voltage Range 115 ~ 300VAC 176 ~ 276VAC
    Frequency Range 46 ~ 54Hz(default),user adjustable within 40~60Hz 46 ~ 54Hz
    Power Factor 0.97 0.98
    Connection IEC 320-10A inlet IEC 320-16A inlet Terminal Block
    Voltage 220VAC ± 2% 220VAC ± 1%
    Frequency 46~54Hz or 50Hz ± 0.2Hz(Line mode)50Hz ± 0.2Hz( Battery mode) 46~54H(Line mode)
    50Hz ± 0.05Hz(Battery mode)
    Waveform Pure Sine Wave
    Overload Capability 108%~150% for 30 sec.,150% for 300 ms 105~130% for 10 min.,
    ³130% for 1 min.
    Current Crest Ratio 3:1
    Bypass Automatic Transfer on overload and UPS failure
    Before UPS
    Default "NO",user adjustable to "YES" Yes
    80~264VAC (Default),user adjustable within 80~286VAC 176 ~ 261VAC
    IEC320 -10A * 4 IEC 320-10A * 4 IEC320-10A and Terminal Block IEC
    320-10A * 4 
    and Terminal Block
    Transfer Time 0 ms; less than 4 ms from inverter to bypass and vice versa Zero
    Load level / Battery level, Battery ,Utility Power, Inverter, Bypass,Overload, Fault
    Audible Alarm Bypass, On battery mode,Battery low, Overload, Fault
    Communications RS-232 Serial Interface

    Intelligent Slot;OPTIONS: WEBPOWER SNMP/WEB card,AS400 card or WinPower CMC

    Network Surge Protection

    RJ45 I/O port available for;network or Fax/Modem
    Operating Temperature 0 ~ 40°C
    Operating Humidity 20 ~ 90% non-condensing
    N.G(Kg) 11.5 14.5 15.3 24.5
    (W x D x H)mm
    482.6 x 450 x 88(2U) 482.6 x 600 x 130
    Type Internal Batteries External Battery Pack
    Nominal DC Voltage 36VDC 96VDC 192VDC
    Backup Time(Full load) 5 min 9 min(with 1BP) 5 min(with 1BP) 7 min(with 1BP)
    Net Weight (Kg) -- 30.8 69.2
    Dimensions(W x D x H)
    -- 482.6 x 450 x 88(2U) 482.6 x 600 x 130(3U)