Castle Series AC120V/240V online UPS C6KVA-C10KVA

Power Range:6K-10K


Description:Castle Series AC120V/240V online UPS C6KVA-C10KVA provide 208/120 output voltage without the need of adding transformers. Designed in small footprints, this most powerful online series integrates true double conversion design, DSP technology, and active input power factor correction design to ensure better output voltage conditions, power quality and power performance at all times. Besides, easy-configurable program via LCD panel enhances the flexibility to meet ever-increasing power demand of IT and networked environment.

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    • Features
    • Specifications
    Servers, Data centers, Critical network devices, Sensitive electronic equipment, Telecom.
    • True double-conversion
    • DSP technology guarantees high performance
    • Output Power Factor 0.8
    • Wide input voltage range (60-150 VAC)
    • Active input power factor correction 0.99
    • 50Hz/60Hz frequency converter mode
    • Eco mode operation for energy saving (ECO)
    • Emergency power off function (EPO)
    • Generator compatible
    • Charger capacity expansion to 8A for long-run models
    • SNMP/USB/RS-232 communications
    • 3-stage extendable charging design for optimized battery
    • Maintenance bypass available
    • Adjustable battery numbers
    Model 6kVA 6kVA(S) 10kVA 10kVA(S)
    Input Votage    
    Nominal Voltage 220~240VAC 220~240VAC
    Phase Single phase with ground Single phase with ground
    Turn on Input Voltage 
    Range (Line mode)
    185-266VAC ±3% 185-266VAC ±3%
    Acceptable Bypass Voltage 176-261VAC ±3% 176-261VAC ±3%
    Transfer Voltage Range (Line mode)      
        -Line low transfer 176 ± 3%VAC 176 ± 3%VAC
        -Line low comeback 185 ± 3% VAC 185 ± 3% VAC
        -Line high transfer 276 ± 3% VAC 276 ± 3% VAC
        -Line high comeback 266 ± 3% VAC 266 ± 3% VAC
    Input Frequency    
        - Nominal Frequency 50 / 60 Hz 50 / 60 Hz
        - Freq. Low Loss 46 / 56 Hz ±0.5Hz 46 / 56 Hz ±0.5Hz
        - Freq. Low Comeback Low Loss Freq. +0.5Hz Low Loss Freq. +0.5Hz
        - Freq. High Loss 54 / 64 Hz ±0.5Hz 54 / 64 Hz ±0.5Hz
        - Freq. High Comeback High Loss Freq. +0.5Hz High Loss Freq. +0.5Hz
    Input Power Factor    
        -Input Power Factor ≧0.98 (Full RCD Load) ≧0.98 (Full RCD Load)
        -Input THDi <10% <10%
    Input Current    
        -Rating(at nominal input voltage) 25A 42A
    Input Protection Type 32A NFB 50A NFB
    Generator Support Support
    Output Power    
        -Power(kVA) max 6 10
        -Power(kW) max 4.2 7
    Output Voltage    
        -Waveform Pure sine wave Pure sine wave
        -Nominal voltage 120*2 / 240VAC 120*2/240 VAC
        -Voltage regulation ± 3 % ± 3 %
        -Voltage distortion ≦15% (Full RCD Load)       ≦15% (Full RCD Load)      
      ≦4% (Full R Load) ≦4% (Full R Load)
        -Transient response   ≦ 5%         (50%~100%~50% 
    Instantaneous R Load Variation 
    (Under Line/Battery Mode)
    ≦ 5%   (50%~100%~50% 
    Instantaneous R Load 
    Variation (Under Line/Battery Mode)
        -Transient recovery ≦100 ms  O/P voltage 
    recovery >90%, 
    Refer to EN50091-3
    ≦100 ms  O/P voltage 
    recovery >90%, 
    Refer to EN50091-3
        -Bypass Output Before turn on  Yes Yes
    Output Frequency    
        -Line Mode Same As Input Frequency Same As Input Frequency
        -Battery Mode 50 / 60 Hz ±0.05 Hz 50 / 60 Hz ±0.05 Hz
        -Slew rate 1 Hz/s 1 Hz/s
    Transfer Time    
        -Line mode to battery mode 0ms 0ms
        -Inverter to bypass 0ms 0ms
        -Line mode with 
    battery full charged
    >84% >84%
        -Battery mode >84% >84%
    Overload Capability (Line Mode) 105%~130%: Transfer to 
    bypass after10 min and alarm.
    105%~130%: Transfer to 
    bypass after10 min and alarm.
      >130%: Transfer to bypass after 1s, 
    shutdown after 1 min and alarm.
    >130%: Transfer to bypass after 1s, 
    shutdown after 1 min and alarm.
    Overload Capability (Battery Mode) >105%: Shutdown after 10 seconds  >105%: Shutdown after 10 seconds 
        -Auto Retransfer Yes, After Overload Recover 90% Load Yes, After Overload Recover 90% Load
    Crest Ratio 3:1 3:1
    Short Circuit Protection    
        -Line Mode/Battery Mode Cut Off Output Within 300ms Then Fault Cut Off Output Within 300ms Then Fault
        -Bypass Mode Same As Input Protection Same As Input Protection
    DC Voltage 240VDC 240VDC
    Rating/Capacity Panasoinc 12V/7Ah Depend on the 
    of external batteries
    Panasoinc 12V/9Ah Depend on the 
    capacity of 
    external batteries
    Quantity 20 pcs. 20 pcs.
    Back-up Time (full RCD load) 7min. 5min.
        -Low Alarm Voltage (220±3)VDC (220±3)VDC
        -Low Alarm Comeback Voltage (223±3)VDC (223±3)VDC
         -Auto Shutdown Voltage (200±3)VDC (200±3)VDC
         -Battery Protection 30A/Fuse 60A/Fuse
        -Over Voltage Battery (290±3)VDC (290±3)VDC
        -Battery Leakage <500uA, Cut Off Line And Switch <500uA, Cut Off Line And Switch
    Battery Test    
        -Battery Fault  Transfer To Line Mode Immediately Transfer To Line Mode Immediately
    -Output Voltage  274±1% VDC 274±1% VDC
        -Charge Time 7hrs Recharge
     To 90%
    Depend On The 
    Capacity Of 
    External Battery
    8hrs Recharge 
    To 90%
    Depend On The 
    Capacity Of 
    External Battery
        -Input Voltage Range 500VDC~760VDC 249VDC~390VDC 500VDC~760VDC 249VDC~390VDC
        -Initial Charging Current 2A 4.2A 2A 4.2A
        -Alarm Silence Yes, In Battery Mode Yes, In Battery Mode
        -DC Power Start Yes, In Battery Mode Yes, In Battery Mode
        -Auto Restart Function Yes Yes
    Audio Alarm    
        -Battery Mode Beep/4 Sec Beep/4 Sec
        -Battery Low Beep/1 Sec Beep/1 Sec
        -UPS Fault  Continuous Continuous
        -Over Load/Charger Fault Beep/0.5 Sec Beep/0.5 Sec
        -Bypass  Beep/2 minutes  Beep/2 minutes
         -RS232  Winpower2000 Winpower2000
         -Intelligent Slot Webpower Card, AS400 Card Webpower Card, AS400 Card
         -Parallel Port Communicate with other UPSs Communicate with other UPSs
        -Force Air Cooling YES YES
        -LED Display Indicating 
    UPS Status
    Load level  Load level 
      Battery level Battery level
    Line mode Line mode
    Battery mode Battery mode
    Bypass mode Bypass mode
    Fault Fault
        -Working Temperature 0 ℃ to 40℃,0m
      0 ℃ to 40℃,0m
        -Acoustic Noise ≤55dB,
    Measure At 1 Meter
    Measure At 1 Meter
        -Storage Temperature 0 ℃ to 40℃   0 ℃ to 40℃  
        -Humidity <95%   <95%  
        -Inlet TB TB
        -Outlet TB TB
        -External Battery Cord No Yes No Yes
    Outline Dimension And Net Weight    
        -W x H x D (mm) 300×830×655mm 300×830×655mm
        -Net Weight (kg) 135kg  80kg 156kg  101kg
    Packaging Dimension 
    And Gross Weigh
        -W x H x D (mm) 470×1120×800mm 470×1120×800mm
        -Gross Weight (kg) 142kg  87kg 163kg  108kg
    Parallel Function
        -Max Paralleled Number 3PCS 3PCS