PV3000 MPPT solar inverter 4kw - 6kw

Power Range:4000w 5000w 6000w

Type:pure sine wave

Description:·1kw-6kw pure sine wave hybrid solar inverter built in 40A 60A MPPT solar charge controller ·Solar /battery priority function ·RS232 with free CD ·Max AC charge current 70A

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    · 45/60A MPPT solar charge controller 
    · PV input:145V max 
    · 12V/24V/36V/48V auto work 
    · MPPT efficiency>99% ,peak conversion efficiency>98% 
    · DSP processors architecture ensure high speed and performance 
    · Four-stages charging mode 
    · Protection: PV array short circuit, PV reverse polarity, battery reverse polarity, over charging, output short circuit
    Rated Voltage MPPT 12/24/48Vdc
    Rated charge current (Include load current) 40/60Amp
    Load current 15Amp
    Input voltage range 15-105Vdc
    Max. PV open circuit array voltage 105Vdc
    Overload protection (DC load) 2.0 * Inom>5s 1.5 * Inom >20s 1.25 * Inom temperature controlled
    Typical idle consumption At idle < 10mA
    Bulk charge (Default) 14.6Vdc 29.2Vdc 29.2Vdc
    Floating charge (Default) 13.4Vdc 26.8Vdc 53.6Vdc
    Equalization charge (Default) 14.0Vdc 28.0Vdc 56.0Vdc
    Over charge disconnection 14.8Vdc 29.6Vdc 59.2Vdc
    Over charge recovery 13.6Vdc 27.2Vdc 54.4Vdc
    Over discharge disconnection 10.8Vdc (default) 21.6Vdc (default) 43.2Vdc (default)
    Over discharge reconnection 12.3Vdc 24.6Vdc 49.2Vdc
    Temperature compensation -13.2mV/℃ -26.4mV/℃ -52.8mV/℃
    Lead acid battery settings Adjustable
    NiCad battery settings Adjustable
    Load control mode 1. Low Voltage Reconnect (LVR): Adjustable 2. Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD): Automatic disconnection
    3. Reconnection:   Includes warning flash before disconnect & reconnection
    Low voltage reconnect 12.0-14.0Vdc 24.0-28.0Vdc 48.0-56.0Vdc
    Low voltage disconnect 10.5-12.5Vdc 21.0-25.0Vdc 42.0-50.0Vdc
    Ambient temperature 0-40℃ (Full load)  40-60℃ (De-Rating)
    Altitude Operating 5000 m, Non-Operating 16000 m
    Protection class IP21
    Battery temperature sensor BTS – Optional Remote battery temperature sensor for increased charging precision
    Terminal size (fine/single wire) #8 AWG
    PV inverter battery priority
    MODEL 4000w 5000w 6000w
    Input Voltage Waveform Sinusoidal (utility or generator)
    Nominal Input Voltage 230Vac
    Low Line Disconnect 155Vac±4%
    High Line Disconnect 265Vac±4%
    Max AC Input Voltage 270Vrms
    Nominal Input Frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz  (Auto detection)
    Over-Load Protection Circuit breaker
    Output Short Circuit Protection Circuit breaker
    Efficiency (Line Mode) >90%
    Transfer Switch Rating 30A
    Transfer Time(Ac to Dc) 20ms (typical)
    Output Voltage Waveform Sine wave
    Rated Output Power (W) 4000w 5000w 6000w
    Power Factor 1
    Nominal Output Voltage (V) 230Vac
    Output Voltage Regulation ±10% rms
    Nominal Efficiency >80%
    Nominal DC Input Voltage 24V
    Nominal Charge Current 45A/65A
    Charge Current Regulation ± 5A
    Battery initial voltage 0 –15.7 Vdc /31.4Vdc(can operate with 0V battery)
    Communication: RJ11 (Used for factory testing. No customer interface available)
    Safety Certification CE(EN60950)
    EMI Classification EN50091-2, CLASS A
    Operating Temperature Range 0°C to 40°C
    Storage temperature -15ºC ~  60ºC
    Operation humidity 5% to 95%
    Audible Noise 60dB max
    Cooling Forced air, variable speed fan
    Dimensions (H×D×W)  765*360*310mm
    N.W/G.W(Kg)  4000W/43kg ; 5000W/52kg ; 6000W/52kg