PV1500 Series High Frequency Solar Inverter

Power Range:350VA 800VA

Type:High Frequency Solar Inverter

Description:Pure sine wave AC output, wide application range; High frequency design, low power consumption,high transfer efficiency and long backup time;

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    · Pure sine wave AC output, wide application range
    · High frequency design, low power consumption
    · High transfer efficiency and long backup time
    · Perfect protection(overload, short circuit, over voltage under-voltage, over temperature protection)
    · Low noise (<40dB), aluminum alloys shell, strong anti-interference ability, low radiation
    MODEL PV15-350 PV15-800
    Default Battery System Voltage 12VDC 24VDC 12VDC 24VDC
    INVERTER OUTPUT Rated Power 350VA/200W 350VA/200W 800VA/480W 800VA/480W
    Max.peak load 400VA 400VA 800VA 800VA
    Waveform Pure sine wave
    Nominal Output Voltage RMS 230VAC
    Output Voltage Regulation +/-5% RMS
    Output Frequency 50Hz+/-0.1 Hz
    Efficiency(Peak) >90% >91% >90% >91%
    THD <6%,linear load;<9%,non-linear load at nominal input voltage;<20% at minimum cut-off level;Note: non-linear load condition: P.F.>0.7
    BATTERY Nominal Input Voltage 12VDC 24VDC 12VDC 24VDC
    Minimum Start Voltage 11.0VDC+/-0.4V for12VDC mode (*2 for 24VDC)
    Low Battery Cutoff 10.0VDC+/-0.4V for12VDC mode (*2 for 24VDC)
    High Voltage Alarm 16.0VDC+/-0.4V for12VDC mode (*2 for 24VDC)
    High Battery Voltage Recover 14.5VDC+/-0.4V for12VDC mode (*2 for 24VDC)
    Maximum allowed ripple on DC 10%RMS
    Input current @ nominal load 22.5A 11A 37.5A 19A
    DC fuse required(slow blow) 40A 40A 40A*2 40A
    No load power consumption On mode@save mode 0.33A/4W 0.16A/4W 0.33A/4W 0.16A/4W
    On mode@high mode 0.54A/7W 0.27A/7W 0.54A/7W 0.27A/7W
    Power saving <25W when power saver on
    Solar Charger Maximum PV Array Power 450W 900W 450W 900W
    Output Voltage 12VDC 24VDC
    Charging Current 30AMAX
    PV Input Voltage 55VMAX
    Overcharge Protection 15.5VDC+/-0.5V MAX 31VDC+/-1V MAX
    Fast charging Voltage 14VDC+/-0.2V 28VDC+/-0.2V
    Float charging Voltage 13.7VDC+/-0.2V 27.4VDC+/-0.2V
    Protections Overload protection, Short circuit protection
    Environmental Noise <40dB
    Cooling natural/forced
    Operating temperature Operation temperature:0 to +50°C0 to +40 °C full rating+40 to +50 °C de-rating.
    Storage temperature -20°C-60°C
    Mechanical Specifications Mounting Wall mount
    Dimensions (W*H*D) 214*182*83.5mm
    Net Weight (Solar CHG) kg 1.9 1.9 1.95 1.95
    Other Display LED
    Loading(20GP/40GP/40HQ) 3500pcs/7000pcs/8600pcs