PH3000 Series On/Off Hybrid Solar Inverter

Power Range:2600W 3200W 3200W 6400W 6400W

Type:On/Off Hybrid Solar Inverter

Description:On-grid inverter with energy storage; Combining solar system , AC utility, and battery power source to supply continuous power.

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    · 45/60A MPPT solar charge controller 
    · PV input:145V max 
    · 12V/24V/36V/48V auto work 
    · MPPT efficiency>99% ,peak conversion efficiency>98% 
    · DSP processors architecture ensure high speed and performance 
    · Four-stages charging mode 
    · Protection: PV array short circuit, PV reverse polarity, battery reverse polarity, over charging, output short circuit
    MODEL PH30-2K PH30-3K PH30-4K PH30-5K PH30-6K
    Default Battery System Voltage 48VDC
    SOLAR CHARGER & AC CHARGER PV Open Circuit voltage (VDC) 145VDC
    Max PV Input power(W) 2600W 3200W 3200W 6400W 6400W
    Max SolarCharging Current(A) 45A 60A 120A
    Max AC charging current(A) 40A 60A 80A 100A 120A
    BATTERY Rated input voltage 48VDC
    Allowed input DC voltage range 40VDC-62VDC
    Low voltage alarm (VDC) 42VDC
    High voltage alarm(VDC) 60VDC
    AC Output Rated capacity(VA) 2500VA 3750VA 5000VA 6250VA 7500VA
    Rated output power (W) 2000W 3000W 4000W 5000W 6000W
    Rated output voltage and frequency (Vac/Hz) 230Vac/50Hz
    Rated output current(A) 8.7A 13A 17.4A 21.7A 26A
    Output voltage precision (Vac) 230Vac+/-1%
    Output frequency precision (Hz) 50Hz+/-0.1%
    THD (Linear loads) Off grid≤2%
    Grid discharge ≤3%
    Grid charge ≤3%
    Dynamic response speed (0-100%) 20ms
    Power factor Grid discharge 99.9% & Grid charge 99.9%
    Overload capability 110%, 30minutes
    125%, 1minutes
    150%, 30seconds
    200%, 10seconds
    Short circuit 5s
    Grid/Off grid change time < 10ms
    Output wave sine wave
    Invering effciency 80% resistive loads ≥92% ≥93%
    Standby power cinsumption < 2W
    AC INPUT AC Input maximum of current (A) 17.4A 26A 34.8A 43.4A 52A
    AC Input voltage(Aac) 184Vac-253Vac
    AC Input frequency (Hz) 47.5Hz-51.5Hz
    Display & Protection Function LED indication Systematic operation, indication of charge and discharge, indication of fault
    LCD display output voltage, output current, grid current, voltage of storage battery, load power, chart of capacity
    Protection Function Input LV protection
    Input OV protection
    Output overload protection
    Output short circuit protection
    W*H*D(mm)/G.W(kg) 337*462*183mm/25kg 337*462*183mm/29.5kg 370*462*183mm/35kg 370*537*183mm/47kg 370*537*183mm/47kg
    OTHER Communication terminal RS485/CAN bus
    Operation Temperature Range -20℃-+50℃
    Environmental Protection Rating Indoor(IP20)
    Ambient humidity 0-90% relative humidity (non-condensing)
    Altitude ≤300m