Lead Battery and UPS Power Supply Frequently Asked Questions

Lead battery use:

(1) Ensure adequate insulation between the battery and the equipment and around it. Inadequate insulation measures may cause electric shock, short heat, smoke or burning.

(2) Charging application Charger, directly connected to the DC power supply may cause the battery to leak, heat or burn.

(3) due to self-discharge, the battery capacity will be slowly reduced. Please re-charge the battery before storing it for a long time.

UPS power supply preventive maintenance skills:

First, safety first
Every time you perform power maintenance, keep in mind that life and physical safety should prevail over everything. When dealing with power supplies, it may even be a small operational error can cause serious injury or death. Therefore, when dealing with Guangdong Sun Moon Lake UPS power supply (or any power system in the data center), to ensure safety is the primary consideration: including compliance with the equipment manufacturer’s recommendations, focusing on facilities specific details and standards for safety guidelines. If you are not familiar with some aspects of Guangdong Sun Moon Lake UPS power system, or do not know how to maintain it, please find a professional for help. Even if you understand your data center UPS power system, it is still necessary to seek the appropriate external assistance in order to involve some of the potential problems when people have a cool mind to help you, so you will not be under pressure.

Second, adhere to the Sun Moon Lake UPS power supply regular maintenance.
Preventive maintenance of each data center should not be a whisper of your time, especially given its potential downtime costs. For your data center UPS power system and other systems, you should keep it on a regular basis (one year, six months, or any time frame).

Third, do a detailed record.
In order to maintain a regular maintenance plan during maintenance, your data center should also have a detailed maintenance record (eg, cleaning, repair or replacement of certain parts of the record), and in the inspection process, the discovery of the relevant The specific situation of the equipment. It is also useful to track cost when you need to report maintenance costs to the data center leader or the cost loss caused by each downtime. A detailed list of tasks, such as checking the battery corrosion, looking for excessive torque of the connecting wires, etc., helps to maintain an orderly approach. And all of these documents can help when equipment replacement, occasional maintenance, and UPS power outage planning. In addition to doing a good job, make sure that these documents are always placed in a convenient and we all know the location.

In our view, many UPS power supply maintenance matters are best left to those who are familiar with UPS power supply. Again, safety is critical: the risk of voltage in a UPS power supply system may be lethal, so it is best to hire a professional to carry out, rather than risk operation. Preventive maintenance is the key to all the work of the data center, so a lot of know-how can be widely used, but the UPS power supply system needs special attention because it requires stable power in the short term to provide IT equipment to you.