COVID-19 personal protective measures

As of 23 Apr, 2020, the number of COVID-19 diagnosed in China was 84,287, the number of patients cured was 77,207, and the number of deaths was 4,642.

Now all employees of the MUST Group have fully returned to work. Our company has no employees diagnosed COVID-19, and the employees are very healthy.MUST’s factory is located in Foshan, MUST’s marketing center and R & D center are located in Shenzhen, has achieved zero growth in the number of confirmed diagnoses, COVID-19 has been initially controlled in China.

But at this moment we can’t relax, we should continue to be cautious and take personal protective measures. The following measures can help people better stay away from the COVID-19:

1. Wash your hands frequently. Wash hands before and after going out to keep your hands hygienic. Especially after going back out, the first thing you must do is wash your hands with running water to prevent germs from entering your body through your mouth, nose, and conjunctiva.
2. Go out and take protective measures. Before going out, you can measure your body temperature, assess your physical condition, and prepare the required masks, disinfection paper towels, etc.
3. Travel mode should be cautious, try to choose to walk, cycle or drive to and from work by private car. If you have to use public transport, wear a mask all the way and avoid touching the contents of the car with your hands.
4. Wear a mask when riding the elevator. The space of the elevator is relatively private. Wear a mask and keep hygiene with the elevator passengers. Try not to sneeze or cough. Try not to communicate in the elevator, don’t rub your eyes and touch your face, wash your hands as soon as you get out of the elevator.
5. try to eat at home, if you eat in the cafeteria, it is recommended to eat in divided meals, to avoid pushing, try not to speak when eating.