Medical UPS: Healthcare secure power solutions

Healthcare facilities depend on continuous, uninterrupted electricity to run equipment that saves lives and protects vital electronic data. Reliable, constant electrical power is paramount to the operations of modern healthcare facilities. Even brief interruptions in power can be detrimental to patients in critical care or who are undergoing surgery. Critical areas in such facilities must put in special systems to protect their networks against interruptions.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems provide immediate, short term electricity as a backup in the event of an electrical power outage. While hospitals and other healthcare facilities are equipped with large emergency power generators, those backup generators can take several seconds to supply power throughout a facility. In a medical facility, even one second without power could cause damage to networks disabling crucial medical equipment used to sustain lives. UPS Systems protect sensitive and expensive electrical equipment from damage caused by power spikes or power brownouts. UPS Systems also provide instant, but temporary, backup power after a power failure and until the generators are able to start up and take over. Additionally, these systems have become a regulatory standard in the healthcare sector.

Our UPS systems are ideal for:

  • Medical devices
  • Diagnostic imaging scanners
  • Healthcare IT equipment
  • Clinical lab equipment
  • Nurse call station
  • Non life-support patient vicinity systems
  • Networking devices
  • Office equipment