Modular UPS systems are so popular

The first and most obvious advantage of the modular system is that it is smaller, with an implementation in a single rack rather than two cabinets. This is an important saving for modern data centers floor space is at an increasing premium. However, there are also many further benefits, of which energy efficiency is one. Because UPS efficiency increases with loading, the modular units run with 96% efficiency compared with 91% for the standalone units. This improved efficiency not only reduces direct energy cost; it brings further savings through reduced cooling costs.

MUST Modular UPS EH9500 3/3 SERIES (40-120/200/400KVA) uses advanced “N+X” wireless parallel Redundancy technology to support 4 parallel connections. The system is easy to upgrade,expand and maintain, has excellent electrical performance, high system availability,and complete software and hardware protection.Power modules, monitoring modules,power distribution modules,maintenance bypass switches, and output switches provide safe and reliable power protection for various loads.