MUST UPS helps Chancheng People’s Hospital

The People’s Hospital of Chancheng District is an integrated hospital with distinctive specialties. It has a strong cultural heritage. The brand of dental specialists, anorectal digestive specialists, and Chinese medical specialists. It is based on community health services and features family bed services. There are 5 hospital districts, 4 branch hospitals and 16 branch clinics.

The EH5000 series UPS selected in this time, has the characteristics of high energy density and small size, which greatly reduces the installation area of the equipment. The input power factor correction technology (PFC) is used to greatly reduce the pollution to the utility grid. The main solution is the power supply of small operating rooms and high-end medical equipment. The operating room loads including: lamps, sterilizers, and surgical energy platforms. Classification of blood cell analyzers, etc.

▲On-site debugging in the operating room

▲On-site debugging of automatic biochemical analyzer

Relying on stable product quality and fast service response, MUST was successfully selected into the UPS Power Supply Qualified Suppliers List of Chancheng People’s Hospital, providing overall UPS power solutions for emergency plans in the operating rooms of each branch.