HBP1800 RT Series (5.2KW)

Solar Energy Storage System(Rack-Mount Inverter+Battery)

MUST 19” Rack-Mount 3U lithium battery energy storage system is an all-in-one solar and storage solution which integrates the solar inverter andLiFePO4 battery enclosure into a pre-wired modular system for easier and faster installation.

  • 10-30KWh Energy;
  • LiFePO4 battery pack;
  • Modular, Scalable & Proven Performance;
  • Rack-Mount Solar Inverter.

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  • Modular, Scalable & Proven Performance;
  • Parallelable for up to 6 battery packs;
  • Non-Toxic & Non-Hazardous Cobalt-Free LFP Chemistry;
  • The ESS is pre-wired and factory tested to enable quick installation;
  • BMS has protection functions including over-discharge, over-charge, over-current, and high/low temperature.

Rated power5200W
Output voltage waveformPure sine wave
Output voltage regulation230VAC ±5%
Output frequency50Hz or 60Hz (±0.2Hz)
Peak efficiency93%
Nominal DC input voltage48Vdc
Standby Consumption< 25W
PV Input
Max solar power input4000W
PV max charging current80A
Combined charging current80A
Max efficiency98% max
PV array open circuit voltage450VDC
PV Array MPPT Voltage Range150~430VDC
AC Input
AC input voltage230VAC ±5%
Acceptable input voltage range170~280VAC
Nominal input frequency50Hz / 60Hz (Auto detection)
Transfer time10ms typical (UPS, VDE); 20ms typical (APL)
AC Charge
Charging current @ Nominal input voltage60A
Charging Algorithm4-step (Li)
Lithium Battery
Nominal voltage51.2V
Battery capacity51.2V 100Ah
3U Module×2
51.2V 100Ah
3U Module×4
51.2V 100Ah
3U Module×6
Standard charging and discharge current100A
Maximum continuous charging & discharge current100A
Battery ProtectionBMS Battery Management System Dynamic Protection
Operation ambient temperature0~45℃
Storage ambient temperature-20~55℃