What we should be well noted for UPS installation?

The most important points we should pay attention to when we install UPS in our system as followings 6 points:

In order to ensure that the houses of each family need to be equipped with computers with normal operation and high security, their computer room communication also needs to be equipped with normal operation and networked UPS. What factors need to be considered in the process of power supply?

01 Actual load capacity
This is the most fundamental factor in the power size of the UPS. The power of the UPS must reach or reach or output is normal. In the application, the actual power supply of the UPS power supply should be considered to exceed the normal value.

02 Types of Load Rates
Different types of load rates have different ratios of active power and reactive power, but the equipment room needs to provide active power and reactive power at the same time, and the output is limited by the capacity of the load rate. For the computer load rate, the UPS can naturally output rated power. If the load rate is resistive or inductive, the output power decreases slowly, and the power capacity of the UPS needs to be increased.

03 UPS capacity utilization
Because the computer room equipment has various non-linear loads such as switching power supplies and various printer loads, these loads have large inrush currents. If the capacity of the power supply UPS is too small and the long-term heavy-load operation is prone to waveform distortion, it is easy to cause the output power of the final stage. Device overcurrent, coupled with the heat generation caused by heavy load, is obviously detrimental to system reliability. For high-power UPS, it is generally recommended that the capacity utilization be controlled at 0.6~0.8.

04 Environmental Conditions
The operating temperature of the UPS in the computer room should generally be controlled within the range of 0~40°C. If the temperature is too high and the ventilation conditions are not good, it is not conducive to heat dissipation and should be used with derating. In addition, the altitude is also affected. After the altitude exceeds 1000m, the UPS power should be derated by 5% for every 1000m increase.

05 UPS type and actual load capacity
Different types of computer room UPS have different load capacities. The output capacity of the power frequency machine is better, while the actual load capacity of the high frequency machine is only 0.9 times that of the power frequency machine.

06 Potential expansion requirements of equipment
This is the most fundamental factor that determines the capacity of the UPS power supply in the computer room. The output capacity of the UPS power supply must meet or exceed the load requirements to ensure normal power supply. In practical applications, it is necessary to consider whether the UPS power supply adopts centralized power supply or distributed power supply.