Causes reasons and solutions of UPS Power Supply Noise

What is the cause of the UPS power supply noise?
①Check whether the cooling fan is loose. You can ask professionals to strengthen the fan screws. The noise of the cooling fan is unavoidable, especially for high-power UPS. Of course, when it is found that the sound is louder than when newly purchased, dust removal should be performed, especially the dust accumulation on the fan blades and the protection net.
②The internal parts of the UPS power supply are loose.
③UPS power supply is aging.
④ Precursor of UPS power supply component failure. There are no rules and crackles. This is most likely that the UPS is faulty. you should observe it carefully. Even shut down and check if necessary.
⑤Buzz. power frequency sine wave output UPS power supply, there is a large transformer inside. When the battery power is restored to the city power, it is necessary to both meet the output and charge the battery. The transformer works at full load and emits 50 weeks of AC hum and resonates with the chassis. And there was a buzz. This happened at a special time.

How to solve the UPS power noise?
1.Now comparing the new UPS power supply and UPS equipment, although it can absorb the surge voltage and other noise of the input power system, at this time, the output line of the UPS equipment must be separated from other wiring, and there must be sufficient distance. Shielded cables should be used for the lines that need to be wired in parallel during the engineering design. The electromagnetic shielding effect is better if metal pipes are used.
2. The signal line of the UPS equipment is separated from the power line. Use shielded cable and add electromagnetic shielding to prevent noise from intruding into the UPS equipment.
3. There is also a case that if the signal line in the cable television network equipment is close to the input and output lines of the UPS equipment, then the switching noise of the UPS will be induced to the signal line. Pay attention to this point in the wiring design.
4. When wiring, we should arrange the ground wire in the cable television network, and the actual wiring of the cable television network grounding is quite complicated, but the most basic design principle should be followed is to reduce the ground impedance and eliminate the ground loop.