Galaxy I Series (3-30kVA Optional)

Integrated Micro Data Center

Galaxy I Series Micro Data Center is a new-generation data center solution. It is integrated with PDU, UPS, monitoring , cooling and rack system in a comprehensive rack in order to save space. The IT cabinet can be flexibly extended on both sides of it. A single module supports a maximum of 9 cabinets, at most 27 kW IT load, and up to 10 kW/R power density. Cold and hot aisle containment to saving Energy and reduce noise.

  • IP5X Full-closed Cabinet
  • Internal available space is up to 31U
  • Monitoring all-in-one machine
  • Full-load Noise≤55dB
  • Modular design, can expand with the development of data center

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Galaxy I uses automatic doors for emergency heat dissipation. When the temperature in the cabinet reach the set value, the front and rear doors will automatically Open, and can share the fire-fighting system . When smoking alarms, the front and rear doors of the cabinet automatically open. The system will linked with the fire-fighting system, let fire gas enter the cabinet to extinguish the fire.

Applicable Industry

Finance (branches and large banking outlets), government, education, healthcare, public security, transportation, energy, small-and medium-sized enterprises, retail merchandising and carriers (business hall), etc.

Application Scenarios

Small data center, branch data center, reconstructed data center, or data center with capacity expansion, Indoor data center, Tier I or tier II construction level.

The Integrated Systems

Integrated Micro Data Center

UPS systemPower distribution systemRefrigerating systemMonitoring systemCabinet system
Rack-mountedRack power distribution moduleVariable-frequency air conditioner10-inch screen display19-inch standard cabinet
3kVAPDURack-mountedCameraContained aisle
6kVA Low-load dehumidificationTemperature, humidity, and smoke sensorsGlass door
10kVA Emergency Heat dissipationDoor status sensor250 mm single-row aisle
20kVA  Water leakage sensor 
30kVA  Intelligent battery management 
   SMS alarms 

Customer Value


  • Key components with N, N+1 or 2N match customer high reliability requirements
  • No single point failure design for emergency heat dissipation. When the temperature in module exceeds the set value, the front and rear doors will automatically open or the emergency fans activated to dissipate natural ventilation
  • Automatic camera capture function to ensure the equipment operation safe
  • Fully enclosed operation, dust and noise reduction, environmental free
  • Optional rack-mounted fire extinguishing system, more effective protection of equipment safety

High efficiency

  • Closed cold and hot aisle isolator to avoid gas mixing, greatly increase return air temperature, improve cooling efficiency, and reduce PUE
  • Rack-mounted air conditioner, internal cooling avoid ineffective cooling
  • Near-end cooling to reduce air supply loss
  • Rack-mounted air conditioners use DC inverter compressors and stepless speed-regulating EC fans, operate efficiently when partial load preventing condensation
  • Optional high frequency rack UPS or rack modular UPS ,efficient operation


  • 10-inch screen display, friendly interface, easy to manage function modules
  • B/S or C/S framework, support WEB interface to browse real-time and historical information, automatic camera capture function to ensure the safe operation of equipment
  • All-round alarm information interface, support SMS, abnormal situation grasped any time
  • Precise energy efficiency management, real-time display of PUE, clear power consumption
  • When there are multiple outlets, unified monitoring, remote access, centralized operation and maintenance management are optional
  • Remote operation and maintenance management , provide 7×24 hours full service


  • Integrated design of cooling, power distribution, dynamic loop
  • Standard design, remove engineering design
  • Factory fully prefabricated, and only simple parallel cabinets , and launched directly
  • No need professional space, environment free
  • Single cabinet only 0.72m², top integrated wiring function, without additional bridges

Component Introduction

Cabinet System

IP5X Full-closed Cabinet

Standard 19-inch cabinet, glass door with full screen, cold and hot channel in the inside is in isolation, Bearing ≥1800Kg.

Internal available space is up to 31U

Minimize the volume of air conditioner, battery pack and monitoring host by means of reasonable design, and provide more space for IT equipment.

Monitoring all-in-one machine

The monitoring host does not occupy space, the large industrial screen equipped with full-touch, which provide the customer an excellent experience, and the indicator is running intuitively in the state of alarm.

Full-load Noise≤55dB

With the use of the most advanced multiple noise reduction technology, the full-load noise made by the machine is ≤55dB.

Cooling Systems

Cabinet room air conditioner

Modular design; Close to the heat source design, forming a closed hot channel; Adopt famous brand parts, stable and reliable.

The choice of modern data center

Close to heat source cooling to reduce energy loss.

Modular design, low investment

Modular design, can expand with the development of data center; Unique air flow organization, naturally achieve the effect of cold and hot aisle containment, no need to close cold and hot aisle and raised floor.

Rack mounted UPS

3~30KVA Capacity (optional)

Configure UPS capacity according to customer requirements.

Rack mounting

Convenient and quick, does not occupy the machine room area

Adjust the backup time as needed

Rack battery box

Maintenance-free lead-acid battery (optional)

Single battery DC12V, 2U high chassis can hold 8 batteries, 3U high chassis can hold 16 batteries.

Rack mounting

Convenient and quick, does not occupy the machine room area.

Monitoring system

Good human-machine interface

10.4 inch industrial screen, with good human-machine interface and touch performance.

Comprehensive monitoring

Standard monitoring interface, real-time monitoring of power distribution, UPS, air conditioning, temperature and humidity, smoke detection and other information to ensure stable operation.

Energy consumption management

Precise energy efficiency management, PUE real-time display, clear power consumption.

Multi-terminal access

Multi-terminal support, can be accessed through WEB browser; Access system after security certification.

General Scheme

Power Supply System 220V/380V,50/60Hz,L+N+PE/3Ph+N+PE
System Protection Level IP5X
Running Temperature -20℃~45℃(-40℃~45℃)
(Low temperature mode supports -40℃~45℃)
Number of Single Module Cabinet
(Specifically according to customer configuration)
Numble of IT Cabinet 1~9
(Specifically according to customer configuration)
Maximum Power Consumption for IT Load 27kW
(Specifically according to customer configuration)
Power Density of Single Cabinet 1-10kW
Installations Concrete Floor, Overhead Floor
Load Bearing of IT Cabinet 2200kg
Size(Height×Width×Depth) Single Cabinet2000×600×1200
( Rack-mounted Air-conditioning)

Cooling System

Power Supply Mode 220Vac,50Hz,1Ph+N+PE
Cooling Capacity of 
Temperature Control System
4.2kW/8.1kW(Rack-mounted Air-conditioning)
Running Temperature -40℃~+45℃
Typical Configuration
of Temperature Control System
Cooling Mode Air Cooling
Installations of Temperature Control System Rack-mounted Installation
Air Volume (Single Unit) 800m3/h、1500m3/h
Air Supply Mode Air Supply in the Front, Air Return in the Back (Rack-mounted Air-conditioning)

Power Suply and Distribution System

Lightning Protection Level CLASSII/C,In 20kA,Imax 40kA,8/20us
Power Input Single or double route optional
UPS Rack-mounted UPS 3kVA、6kVA、10kVA、20kVA、30kVA
UPS Rack-mounted Modular UPS 20kVA、30kVA
Configuration of UPS N、N+1、2N
Range of UPS Input Voltage 3kVA:110~288Vac  
Factors of UPS Output Power 0.9
Standby Time of Battery 0~60min (Decided by Customer)
Layout of Battery Rack-mounted Installation, Placed on the Plate, Battery Elevator (Cabinet) Intallation
PDU One-way or Two-way

Monitoring System

Monitoring Host Standard Embedded Monitoring Software, host and display are intergrated to save space.
Functional Module Report Management, Photo Monitoring, Alarm Management, Centralized Management
Access Mode Local Access, Remote Web Access
Local Display HD Display of 10.4-Inch
Alarm Mode Local alarm, SMS Alarm (Optional)

Typical Configuration

TypeGlass door closed passage type
Product nameSingle cabinet 3kVASingle cabinet 6kVATwo combination cabinet 6kVATwo combination cabinet 10kVAThree combination cabinet 10kVA
Number of cabinet11223
Available space30U28U70U65U107U
PDU16Bits National standard 10A16Bits National standard 10A2*16Bits National standard 10A2*16Bits National standard 10A3*16Bits National standard 10A
Battery12V 9AH Battery pack is standby for 10 minutes12V 9AH Battery pack is standby for 10 minutes12V 9AH Battery pack is standby for 10 minutes12V 9AH Battery pack is standby for 5 minutes12V 9AH Battery pack is standby for 5 minutes
Monitoring systemStandard configuration: Touch display, Temperature and humidity, Smoke sensor, Leakage, Magnetic sensor, UPS management, Air conditioning managemnet, Electrical measurement, Visiable two-color ambient lamp, Lighting system
Emergency modeYHA:Automatic door; YHB:Ventilating and Radiating module for emergency; YHC:Ventilator for emergency + Automatic door