EC60 Plus Lithium Battery Series (60W)


This product not only can be used as DC UPS to supply uninterruptible power to network equipment like modem, router, CCTV etc., But also can be used as portable power to charge smart phones and other digital devices, which guarantees your devices to operate continuously.

  • High compatibility
  • Power Over Ethernet(POE)
  • High capacity lithium batteries
  • Intelligent circuit design with over-charging
  • Bulit-in adapter allows wide AC voltage range(100~240Vac)

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  • High capacity lithium batteries, provides long backup to the loads.
  • High compatibility, suitable for most digital products in the market.
  • Power Over Ethernet(POE)can transmit the data and power at the same time to simplify wire set(Only some models has POE port)
  • Intelligent circuit design with over-charging, over-discharging and short circuit protections.
  • Built-in adapter allows wide AC voltage range(100~240Vac).

Instructions of the components

  • 1)ON/OFF switch
  • 2)Work status indicator
  • 3)12Vdc LED indicator
  • 4)9Vdc LED indicator
  • 5)25% BAT capacity LED indicator
  • 6)50% BAT capacity LED indicator
  • 7)75% BAT capacity LED indicator
  • 8)100% BAT capacity LED indicator
  • 9)Ethernet output interface(POE output:15V/24V)
  • 10)LAN ethernet interface LAN
  • 11)Output voltage selector(15V/24V)
  • 12)12Vdc solar input
  • 13)Output voltage selector(9V/12V)
  • 14)Output socket(9V/12V)
  • 15)Output socket
  • 16)AC input socket
  • 17)Output socket 5V
  • 18)USB (5Vdc) output


Mini UPS High Quality 12V DC Uninterruptible Power Supply with Back Up Battery for Router, CCTV Camera, DVR, Monitor.

ModelEC Plus UPS
Rated working voltage 100~240Vac/ 50-60Hz
Output power(Max .) 60W
OutputUSB interfaceDC interface POE interface
Output voltage(selectable) 5Vdc5Vdc9/12Vdc12Vdc*415Vdc/24Vdc
Output polarity standard+4,5pins -7,8pins
Output power & current (in common)2.0A/10W2.0A/24W5.0A/60W1.0A/(15.8V 16W) or (24V24W)
Solar input voltage range 12~25Vdc
Solar input polarity
QTY & capacity of battery2200mAh*8
Unit dimension(mm)252*146*45
Net weight (kg)0.94