EH9115 3/3 Series (20-200KVA)

Low Frequency Online UPS

Its advanced battery charging system enables the UPS to supply a long backup time while the charging time is rather short, and its temperature compensation system can help to prolong the service life of the battery. Also, its circuit is simple, which reduces the number of components and makes the manchine more compact and more reliable. Its true double-conversion online technology provides pure and safe power supply to all appliances, communication equipment and important loads connected to the internet, and the DSP technology responds quickly to different power supply problems, making sure its load will work uninterruptedly. It is compatible to all kinds of loads and widely used in the fields of energy sources, transportation, office, medical equipment, engine-room, data center, toll station and so on.

  • High efficiency >92%
  • Compatible with generators
  • Intelligent battery control
  • Accept 100% unbalanced load
  • N+1 parallel redundant connection

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  • Ture double-conversion online technology DSP 100% micro controlled
  • N+1 parallel redundant connection
  • High efficiency >92%
  • Dual power supply (selectable)
  • Accept 100% unbalanced load
  • Cold start
  • Intelligent battery control
  • Compatible with generators
  • Powerful communication system (RS232. SNMP. GPRS)


Suitable for all electrical equipments, especially for the key equipment, such as communication systems and computer networks, for electric power demanding environment of equipment it offer more flexible, reliable power supply.

design technologytrue online double conversion, inverter based on igbt’s,  6 pulses rectifier, dry  ISO transformer inverter side.
features100% digital with last DSP technology /  compatible with worldwide UPS monitoring system,  immune to phase rotation input (for rectifier ) / dual input  (optional)/LCD display / thermomagnetic protection for input, output, bypass and battery / UPS parallel ready with other UPS of the same capacity for redundancy /
estimated useful life> 20 years
efficiency ac / acECOMODE >98%, inverter> 92%, AC-AC 91%
voltage (*)3×380/220 vac ± 25% (165v to 275v)
Thermomagnetic protectionthermomagnetic breaker
lead wires (*)3 phases +neutral+ground
frecuency (*)50hz ± 25% (42.5hz to 62.5hz)
power factor0.8 typ at full load
technologyrectifier 6 PULSES, immune to phase rotation for rectifier input.
voltage (selectable) (*)3×380/220 vac ± 1%
lead wires (*)5 wires ( 3 phases +neutral+ground )
Thermomagnetic protectionThermomagnetic breaker for output
frecuency50hz ± 0.1%
waveform typeSine wave generated by the inverter with high frequency pwm
harmonic voltage distortion t.h.d<2%  for linear load / <5%  for non-linear load
crest factor2.8 to 3.2
power factor0.9
overload recovery.automatic
isolation transformerdry type for inverter – voltage 380v/220v
voltage regulation± 1% for balanced load.
overload capacity (*)125% for 12 minutes. / 150% for one minute / 200% one cycle
Short circuit protectionTransfer to bypass
Voltage3×380/220 vac +-25% (adjustable)
lead wires (*)5 wires ( 3 phases +neutral+ground )
Automatic Bypassstatic, solid state, 0 mseg for standar transfer, < than half cycle for failure transfer.
Manual bypassThermomagnetic breaker for manual bypass, uninterrupted operation in normal transfers.
Emergency Power Offlocal EPO and / or remote
Protection and short circuitFast fuse and termomagnetic input breaker (different of manual bypass breaker).
Thermomagnetic protectionBreaker protection. turn the system off when the battery is low.  battery  test. smart charger.
Cold startYes
Quantity32 pcs (29 to 32 pcs adjustable) ***
VoltageNominal 384 V,  Float 435 (Adjustable)
type (*)sealed and maintenance free. technology vrla (valve regulated lead acid)
Backup time at  full load (*)Customize
typical recharge time.4 hours 90%
battery, adjustable battery transfer point and settings of alarm.
chargersoft start to full load. Adjustable current  for charge batteries.
hardware protectionThermomagnetic breaker for input, thermomagnetic breaker for output, thermomagnetic breaker for battery and thermomagnetic breaker formanual bypass, surge protection,fast acting  bypass fuse, fast-acting fuses in dc and bypass, fan, redundant power supply, 5 zones temperature sensors, on-off switch, audible alarms.
Sofware  protection and warningDischarge batteries, manual shutdown  Inverter,  manual  bypass switch active, emergency power off , manual shutdown, SCR failure, bypass rotation failure, bypass out of range, overload, low battery, low output voltage, high output voltage, DC fuse open, power supply 5v , power supply 14v, inverter overvoltage, overload greater  than 200% , transfer failure, inverter voltage out of range, ground and neutral high, SCR inverter fail, UPS in bypass mode, low frequency, charger ON, inverter ON and others.
StandarsEN 62040-1 safety ,  EN 62040-2 EMC/EMI ,  C62.41  surge protection
GPRSCompatible with Global UPS monitoring system **
front panelstandar:   lcd display 240 * 128   reading electrical parameters. touchscreen. LED mimic.Input voltage, bypass voltage, output voltage , inverter voltage,  output current, ground to neutral voltage, input frequency, output frequency, bypass frequency, active power, reactive power, total power, ISO transformer temperature, IGBT temperature, DSP temperature, battery or environment temperature,  battery voltage, battery current, two power supply voltage etc
alarmsaudible and visual alarms for non-normal conditions.
communicationsrs232 serial port. Dry contacts, "snmp-rj45" for remote monitoring (optional). gprs module for remote monitoring via GPRS network (optional).
temperature0°c to 40°c
relative humidity.0 to 95% noncondensing
audible noise<65 db
UPS dimensions in mm (front *hight * deep)540*622*1125664*865*1548966*890*17481160*1043*1900
UPS weight in "kg"225273437500600700740810850