Onboarding Training for New Employees

With the growing development of Must, we need more talents to explore the market and serve our customers.

In order to help new employees quickly understand the corporate culture and adapt to their jobs, our Human Resources Department conducted a two-week onboarding training for new employees from October 10 to October 21, 2022.

Harvard Business Review found that for every product knowledge training module salespeople took, their average sales increased by 1.8%, and those who regularly attended product-focused training gained an average of 46% more sales than those who did not. Product knowledge training ensures that your marketing and sales teams understand what your customers need to know about your products and can respond quickly.

We provide informative training, including the company’s history, goals, and culture, so that the company’s prospect “Where there is clean power to use, there is Must products and service” deep into the mind of every new employee. Our experienced engineers provide detailed explanation of the basics of solar energy system, the working principle of inverter, and the basics of lithium battery&lead-acid battery.

After that, everyone combined with the basic knowledge together to fully participate in learning the knowledge of our company’s various product lines, including UPS, inverter, solar charge controller, lithium battery. Moreover, the company allows each new employee to have a comprehensive understanding of the factory. New employees can clearly understand the operation process of each product line and how each department works.

We believe that through this systematic training, our new employees have mastered a certain degree of product knowledge, and later the company will provide more courses to let employees learn the products more deeply. In the future, they will definitely provide professional services and deliver the value of our products to our worldwide customers.