Rack UPS: Solutions for your network closet

What is a rack-mounted UPS?

Rack-mounted UPSs are specifically designed to easily fit in racks. They can be mounted in racks with width as small as 19″ and generally fits in rack spaces with a height anywhere between 1U/44 mm and 12U/528 mm. A rack-mount UPS supplies uninterrupted power to the connected devices in the event of a power failure, thereby preventing failure of equipment and loss of data. It also takes care of the cooling of hardware components in the rack.A rack-mount UPS is ideal for workplaces with networking and server applications.

How does a rack-mount UPS work?

A rack-mount UPS, just like any other UPS, consists of a battery, inverter and rectifier. These three components work in close collaboration to ensure the smooth functioning of the UPS.

These UPSs are connected to the main power input while the hardware components are connected to the outlets of the UPS. When main power is available the devices get powered from the mains and the battery of the UPS gets charged. A rectifier takes in the AC power from the mains and converts it into DC power, which is then stored in the battery of the UPS.

In the event of a power failure, DC power stored in the battery is converted to AC power by the inverter. It then supplies AC power to the hardware components that are connected to the outlets of the rack-mount UPS.

Features of rack-mounted UPSs

  • It provides uninterrupted supply to hardware, servers, data storage devices, etc. to ensure the proper functioning of all the electronic equipment.
  • It immediately supplies power to the connected devices without any lag.
  • Rack-mounted UPSs also offer automatic voltage regulation (AVR). It ensures that the devices receive consistent and clean power so that they can function optimally.
  • They also help in cooling the hardware components in the rack.
  • It is ideal for workplaces as it can ensure uninterrupted telephone connectivity, continuous internet connection and running of hardware devices.

Applications of rack-mounted UPSs

  • Rack-mount UPSs are used in workplaces to continuously supply power to computers and its peripheral devices. It provides backup so that data can be saved before the devices shut down.
  • It can back up an entire network system in offices and protect the information in case if the network system goes down.
  • It can be used to ensure continuous power distribution to maintain uninterrupted internet connections and IP telephony in offices.
  • These UPSs can protect modem, routers, USB devices, phone lines, etc.