Deputy Secretary of Foshan Government Huo Ping visited Must

On the morning of August 26, 2019, Huo Ping, Deputy Secretary of Foshan Government, visited to Must, Accompanied by the leadership of the Chancheng District Committee, He Zhan Standing Committee, the relevant district government offices, taxation, economics, statistics and other bureau leaders and Zhangye Sub-district Office. Mr. Wu Changhua, the president of Must, and Chen Daiming, the deputy general manager, warmly accepted Huo Ping.

With enthusiastically accompanied by the of President Wu Changhua, Deputy Secretary of Foshan Government ,Mr Huo visited the company and product exhibition hall. President Wu Changhua’s reported the detailed development planning and strategic layout for the overview of Must development, operation in 2019, main products, market development areas, research and development strength.

Deputy Secretary of Foshan Government , Mr Huo fully affirmed the good development achievements of Must in a short period of half a year, and provided targeted guidance on the current thinking of the company’s development in Foshan, as well as the future operation of the company in capital equity , The integration of the industry’s ecological chain, industrial policies, etc., point out the direction of development! And hope that the company should pay attention to environmentally friendly production, continue to expand market share, so that the company can take it to a higher level, and contribute more to the society while the company develops well.

The leaders of urban aera to the company to guide the work is an endorsement of Must, and it also points out the direction of the company’s development in the future. Must believes that under the care of the government leaders of Foshan City and Chancheng District, the company can gain a foothold in Foshan City, look at the world market, and gain a foothold in the clean and new energy industry. After 3 to 5 years of development, it has become an industry leader. Make due contributions to the local economic construction of Foshan city.